I was born and raised in Indonesia. I am married to Australian and have 1 daughter and 2 sons. I live in Perth –

I started my career as an engineer. I worked for many years with great companies, including the biggest power station in Java – Bali, and the big mining company Rio Tinto. I must say, I was blessed with great jobs as an engineer.

When I had my daughter I decided to stop working and raise my children. You see, when I grew up, my father and mother both worked. They had great careers,  but had to go on the island to do their jobs. They left me with my grandmother from the time I was 1 month old. While I was happily raised by my grandparent, who loves me so much, I wondered how my life might have been if I had been raised by my own parents. This influenced my choice to not return to work, but to raise my own children so their experience would be different from my own.

I experienced severe pre and postnatal depression with my third child, which nearly cost my life. I now know I caused pivotal moment for me. To make a long, hard, story short, I won the battle. An angel named Beverley de la Harpe, saved my life. A life I thought could not be saved. I was so amazed with what she did, I told her that day that “I want her job”.

3 months later I enrolled for my counseling degree (as Beverly had). I continued on to obtain my Working with Youth and Life Coach degrees (also the same as Beverly). I am now finishing my Professional Masters Degree in Life Coaching (see my qualifications) and I have a feeling that I will continue this learning journey until the end of my life.

Through all of my battles, I can proudly say I have found my purpose in life. I am on a mission to help others to live their dream, to live their best life and be their best self.

One of my dreams is to help others to create individual changes and then go on to create positive ripples of change in the world.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

~Mother Theresa~