Laura R Alvin

I didn’t think I needed coaching. I felt I was simply ‘paused’, considering my options after a huge period of transition. What my time with Santi showed me was that I was not paused, I was stuck. I was allowing my personal grief, fear and exhaustion to hold me back from moving forward and living fully – personally and professionally.

Santi’s abundant energy, positivity and tailored, insightful coaching techniques helped me cut the ties that were limiting me and open myself up to the possibilities. She held me accountable, pushed gently (and not so gently) where appropriate, and, most importantly, listened to me and worked with me. My professional, personal and philanthropic lives have blossomed since my time with Santi.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me become ‘unstuck’. I recommend Santi without hesitation to anyone, and everyone, seeking to live a fuller, more abundant life.