If you’re thinking of having a life coach to guide you in life and help you let go of past traumas that hold you back from moving forward in life, then you absolutely MUST make Santi as your life coach!

I never realised how much I needed healing from my past traumas and emotional baggage until I met Santi. I used to think that I could just ignore them and carry them around with me for the rest of my life and continue living in pain and depression as I had always been doing. I used to think it was normal to reach adulthood and go through it with mental and emotional pain as everyone seems to be doing. Until I was approached by Santi did I realise that adults actually seek help and not bottle everything inside in order to move forward in life.

Santi has been one of the greatest helps in my young adult life, especially at a time when I am stuck in a rut and at my lowest point in life. I used to always feel so disposable, worthless and be filled with immense rage, guilt and ego. Santi has been the catalyst in helping me to release the negativity that has been holding me back with her unique method of healing: feeling one’s emotions, identifying them, personifying them and speaking to them. I have learned how to release the negativity and keep the positivity within. Santi has taught me to forgive myself from my wrongdoings in the past, to regularly meditate and to start loving myself with daily self-affirmations. At a time when I am also figuring my goals and desires in life, Santi has also helped me to envisage and create a vision board.

Not only is Santi a great life coach, she is generally just an all-around great friend and a fun person to talk and be confiding to. I am a naturally very extroverted person and I feel that Santi is able to reciprocate with my humour and way of speaking. I feel very at ease with Santi because I can just be myself to the fullest without any preconceived notions and judgement. I also feel comfortable confiding in Santi, not only because I know that my secrets will always be kept confidential, but also because she respects my stories, journey in life and the emotions that result from those. Santi has helped me to get a grip on life and take full advantage of the opportunities that I have, no matter how little they may be.

If anything, Santi has been so gracious so as to give me my first 3 sessions free of charge. Who else would do that?!

Thank you so much Santi for helping me to accept my past for what it is and to change my life for the better. I shall be indebted to you for your continued trust in me as a person whose future is bright and for teaching me the mysterious ways of the universe and how to manifest my desires in life.