Clara Aurora

Around July 2019, I underwent a cyst surgery and I was in my lowest point of my life. I was full of anger, my relationships were in a mess, I was full of resentment, weighed only 43kg and having difficulties in eating. I almost lost of hope in life.

In just  less then a year, things change A LOT. I am happier, sleep better and busy in a good way. My relationships with friends, family, co-worker are fantastic and I trust people more. I eat better, doing health exercise almost everyday and now I weigh 50kg. I do still have challenges now and then, but I solve and deal with the problems in a better way. The best of all is that I love myself n proud of myself more and have great strategy and mindset to move forward. 

And I couldn’t do this without your help coach Santi. Thank you for persisting to help me. Anytime now, when I look back, I smile with a very big smile… I feel so blessed.