Jan Dillon

With lots of love, compassion and understanding, Santi held so much space as I explored why I was stuck and not moving forward. 

As we unpacked my life it came back to early childhood events that led me to believe I wasn’t worthy, I didn’t matter, and I just wasn’t enough.  I was always in my head over analyzing things and trying to protect my heart from the pain. Santi was able to take me into my heart space to really connect with those early events.  I was able to feel the pain so I could heal.  

What followed was amazing.  For all the trauma I had experienced, I have now released the anger and got beyond the way it impacted me to feeling so much love and compassion for those who gas lighted me and wanted to hurt me for just being me.  You see the problem was never mine to own in the first place. 

I now embrace my life with so much gratitude, love and deep understanding that we are all doing our best with what we know. I feel a peace within me that I have never experienced.  I know I matter; I deserve to be here, and I am enough. Santi you are an amazing, beautiful human being and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.