Nels Loehat

My dear Coach ,thank you  for such a beautiful session with you  which has brought enlighten into my life.  

I believe universe has planned all of this and I am blessed to have had the opportunity experience sessions which has led me to something that has been a big question in my mind.

After having 4 sessions with you has made me understand more about who really I am, how to love myself more  and appreciate the potential that God has given me and set me free from carrying   “baggage”   in most of my life by  recognizing, accepting, forgiving and forgetting  my past negative experiences and how to move on and move up to the next level and experience more happy, peaceful and productive life. 

Thank you for your love and humbleness that have led me through this precious experience, thank you for being an amazing Coach and I wish you all the best things you deserve in life.