Rizqy Albani

Coach Santi really lifted me from the slump of my negative nature. She always remind me to be a great person. With all of her support, I become better like I am today. She guides me with some techniques of self-control and things like loving myself to become a better and AWESOME person.

Life is not about doing activities like working, pleasing others, or meeting other people’s expectations. We have to be able to connect and get to know ourself better. Also it’s important to put our self first, build our boundaries and do things that make us happy.

Balance in life is very important because life can be very challenging both from inside and outside of us. I am very very young and vulnerable to the negativity out there and tend to react easily. Maintaining my emotions and keep my balance is become my main foundation for surviving in any situational.

Thank you for your guidance coach Santi. I am grateful for you. You are the best.